In the journal entitled From Extrinsic Motivation to Intrinsic Motivation, I reflect on this topic.

How Motivated Am I in This Course and the PIDP in general?

I have always been very motivated in the PIDP; a little bit less in the two courses that I took F2F. My motivation dropped totally at the beginning of this course, after about a week and, luckily, came back.

So it is actually very interesting for me to analyse why; why I was motivated, why I was less motivated and why I lost my motivation. Thanks for the question.

I have been always very motivated in the PIDP because I find everything I learn in this program is very interesting, and mostly very useful, the instructors are very professional (meaning mainly they are there when we need them and their course is well organized).

Why was I less motivated in the F2F courses that I took? I love studying online mainly because I can study at my own pace and also because I like being by myself when I reflect on a topic, a concept, etc. In a F2F course, I feel like I am not learning anything during the course (or barely anything). I am learning only afterwards when I can take the time to study by myself. That has nothing to do with the instructors; it is only me. I enjoy the social side of a F2F course but nothing else.

Why did my motivation drop after one week in this course? Because I thought I wouldn’t manage to do it. I am working 35 hours during and 3.5 hours, Saturday morning. When I work 8 hours during the day, I am not able to do anything in the evening. After one week of this course, I realized that, if I wanted to do my best (I always try to reach Level 4 on the rubric, I don’t even look at the other levels), I would have to spend some time on the course, every single day. I didn’t think it was possible so I sent an email to Doug, and he phoned me. That was very encouraging. I organized my schedule in such a way that I was able to spend the time that I needed on the course and I just followed it without questioning myself anymore.

What increases or decreases my level of motivation?

What increases my level of motivation is really having the time I need to study by myself at my own pace something that I find really interesting, knowing that I have some support in case of questions or discouragement.

The main thing that decreases my level of motivation is believing strongly that I won’t manage to do it (because of external factors). If I see that I have done my best and I failed, and I don’t see what else I can do to succeed.

What helps me to go back to a good level of motivation when I am in a state of discouragement is basically following the suggestions given by Hongyi in the discussion thread How do we maintain a high level of motivation? : Squash negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones, and Stay accountable.

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