Learning How to Learn

My attempt to summarize this discussion forum
by Avi Sternberg (Skype name: takoyakiavi) – Monday, 13 October 2014, 10:09 PM

Thank you everyone so very much for your wonderful contributions to this discussion forum.  Brenda, it was a pleasure to work many miles away as a co-facilitator and learn what was your approach to introducing themes relating to “Learning How to Learn.”

This is my first time facilitating a discussion forum.  It is not an easy thing to do and I wish I could have spent the proper time addressing each response to the discussion. This being said, it is very cool to see how naturally all the discussions can flow when the momentum is there.

In this forum we covered a wide range of topics covering the theme: Learning How to Learn.  What is meta-cognition and how powerful a tool it can be to enable learners to approach their learning strategically through thinking about thinking and what they can do in order to enhance their learning experience with the topic at hand.  Conceptual maps is one exercise that was mentioned.

This forum also looked at how failure can lead to success and through failure we can learn how to learn about what didn’t work and what might work better in the future when dealing with the same subject.

Learning how to learn a new subject was compared to learning a new language.  Experienced language instructors characterized their strategies as utilizing several meta-cognitive activities in order to provide an easier and more accessible learning path for the new language learners.

I hope this discussion forum contributed new ideas and skills that we can utilize for both ourselves and our learners when we approach learning how to learn the material we are learning.

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