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by Isabelle Vilm – Tuesday, 10 February 2015, 6:26 AM

I have to say that I had never heard the term Information Literacy before this discussion forum started and I find very interesting. One of the reasons is that I find it hard not to feel overwhelmed by all the information that is available today. As Dwayne mentioned in his posting, we are applying our Information Literacy skills in this forum constantly. We can see that usually the list of documents (websites, articles, diagram,etc.) about a topic seems to endless. How do we deal with all this information? In my previous PIDP course, we had to summarize the forum discussion that we had to facilitate and this summary included all the links that were provided through each discussion. I kept on my blog all these summaries which means I have all these links because they all seem so interesting but is there any point of doing that while all these links are available online through a Google search? I did kept in a section about my reflection, the links that I find the most interesting with a text explaining why. But again is there any point doing that? This is all about Information Literacy: how do we deal with this infinite amount of information that is available?

On the following webpage there is a very interesting video with Professor John Naughton, an academic adviser. Here is one of the things he says: “Information Literacy is very important for employability and for surviving in a world where most information, for example about health and illness, will only be available online.” I work the coordinator of a Literacy Center so you can imagine how that can resonate for me. We have been teaching reading because they are the basic skills that some people are missing to be able to live a decent life in our society. We teach a lot of Digital Literacy among others to job seekers because there is no other way to apply for a job than to do it online today. However, reading and digital literacy are not enough; Information Literacy is now what we have to aim at everywhere any teaching takes place even at the very basic level.

Here is the video

ANCIL – A New Curriculum for Information Literacy

More links:

Information Literacy Gathering, Analyzing, Evaluating Information

Information Literacy

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