Group Work Summary

Group Work Discussion Forum Summary

by Jaclyn Fisette and Danielle Murphy-Clare

Key Points

      • Benefits of group work
        • learn content at deeper levels
        • learn how groups function productively
        • learn how to work well with others
        • build relationships
        • For school going students group work can enhance :
        • Grouping groups
          • Teacher formed
            • Pros
              • Allows various skills and knowledge to be combined
              • Develops trust
          • Random
        • Student formed
          • Pros
          • Encourages participation
          • Empowerment
          • Quicker to start
          • Cons
          • Off topic
          • loners
    • Group Testing
          • Depends on group, subject, weigh of assignment, not appropriate for subjects that require individual skill
          • Can give option to do test alone or as group
          • Pros
            • Lowers anxiety
        • Cons
          • Lowers motivation
          • Why does group work have such a Bad Rep
          • Some students dominate groups and others go along even if they don’t agree
          • Not even distribution of work
          • Can be successful if there is proper training, assigned roles, power to “fire”

How to make group work work

              • Set clear guidelines and roles
              • Positive
              • Face to face
              • schedule
              • Size of group, pairs vs groups
              • How it is assessed
                • Marked
                • Participtaion
                • Informal learning tool
                • Individulal, group or both
              • Use Kagan structures
    • Communication
    • Co-operation
    • Listening skills
    • Time management
    • Common drive to succeed



Benefits of group work

Grouping Groups

Group testing


Why does group work have such a Bad Rep

How to make group work work





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