Classroom Management Summary

Summary by Hongyi Bai

This is the first time I facilitate one of the topics of a forum—classroom management. To be frank, I felt excited and nervous at first. However, with more and more classmates joined discussion, I felt relieved.

In this thread, I proposed several topics for discussion.

The topic that discussed warmest is “what kind of bad behavior you cannot bear in your class? “

I make a list as follows:

Tia —- eating food in class and asking a question with their mouth full

Danielle— cell phone in class

Tanya Tan—- irrespective to others

Jolene—consumerism, entitlement and cell phone

Of course, different teachers have encountered various kinds of students. Among these problems, “cell phone” is the most serious one. We all try our best to find some good way to deal with that.

For another topic that discussed warmly is about remembering the names of students. We all think that it is difficult to remember all those names on the first day of school, but we all agree that it is useful to remember the names of students and it is a way to show respect to your students.

Regarding the classroom management software, all my classmate believe it may be not so useful as we expected. What’s more, most of my classmates are afraid that high tech may distract students from studying more.

Thanks for Tanya, who offered a topic on “online classroom management”.

Online learning will be a definite trend in the future. For one thing, getting education has become a life-long trend, and more and more students will chose online learning to keep up with the development of society. For another, more and more adult learners will choose online learning, which realize their requirements of studying anytime and anywhere. Therefore, the online classroom management is as important as that of regular classroom.

Beside teenager’s class and online class, adult students’ class also has some problems to some extent. For example, some adult learners cannot respect their younger teachers; some adult learner are also quite busy in class, receiving phone calls, sending text; some adult learners cannot finish their assignments with various kinds of excuses, etc.

Because of this forum,I pay more attention on class management strategies. Therefore, I do some experiments in my class. First, I ask my students to make some rules for our class, and read aloud. Second, we post those rules on the wall to remind them constantly; third, today, we choose a monitor for my class by ballot. To my surprise, that naughty boy was elected monitor. He is welcomed in my class despite his mischievous behavior sometimes. Furthermore, he behaved very well after he got the title as “monitor”.

These ways are effective to for managing my class, I think.


All in all, good class is made up of several factors, such as positive atmosphere, good manners, mutual respect, active participation, etc.


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