About Isabelle


I am originally from France. I have been in Canada since 1997. I moved to Vancouver Island almost 5 years ago after 11 years (most of my Canadian life) on Salt Spring Island. I live between Ladysmith and Nanaimo with my 10 year old son and my husband.

I have a Doctorate in Cognitive Psychology specialized in Cognitive Ergonomics. When I moved to Canada I had been working as a Computer-Human Interface Specialist for about 7 years. After one year in Montreal and two years in Vancouver doing the same work, I started becoming interested in Adult Education. I applied this interest first through an online course entitled “Designing an Instructional Computer-Based Environment”. Later I was asked to teach French on Salt Spring. What started as an “on the side” job has become more and more a passion.

I designed three online courses for the French College in Vancouver. Working in my first language was so appealing that I continued working for this college doing other things (studies, literature review, etc.).

Currently I teach French (4 sessions of 8 weeks each, usually for 4 classes of different levels) and I work for Cowichan Literacy Now. I have been designing a curriculum for Digital Literacy, I train the tutors (I teach them how to teach), and I teach Essential Skills to the learners.

I just finished the Online Instruction program last month and I have done all the courses from the PIDP.