How to moderate Online Discussion

Tomorrow I will have to start facilitating the forum discussion about Gamification. As I am researching about this topic and preparing for the forum, my challenge is to write just enough information for the other students to be motivated to participate in the forum but not too much so they still have some research to do and thus learn more about the topic.

As it is mentionned in the article from Contact North “many of the features that are true for developing good discussion in class are also true for online discussion”. Although most of the information in this article is related to how to organize an online discussion (synchronous or asynchronous, graded or not, etc) and this has been done by our instructor already, two pieces of information are helpful:

  • One is about the goal of the discussion. Even though it has been clearly defined in the course assignment description and the students have a great experience in forum discussion, it may be useful to remind it for each specific discussion topic.
  • The role of the instructor is to move students away from opinions based solely on personal experience to evidence-based thinking.
Contact North (2013). Ontario’s Distance Education Network and Training Network. How to Prepare and Moderate Online Discussion for Online Learning. [PDF Document]. Retrieved from:

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