Instructional Strategy_ Digital Project Summary

The Students Engagement Technique that I chose to present for my digital project is In-Class portfolio. It is a SET that is used to help students improve their learning skills.

Basically, students collect their notes in a portfolio and submit them for evaluation. The evaluation can be done by the instructor or other students. In the second case, it can save a lot of the instructor’s time and it can be beneficial for the other students too.

The role of the instructor can be described in 3 or 4 steps: (1) short lesson about note taking, (2) description of the portfolio parameters,(3) creation of a grading rubric and (4) a cover sheet. The instructor then develops his/her lessons including as many other SETs as usual. The role of the learners is to stay focused during the course, take accurate notes, summarize what they have learned, and then collect all these notes in a portfolio. They may also assess their own or other students’ portfolios.

The advantages of this technique are: to teach students to take good notes, it helps them focus during the course, and it forces the instructor to present clear material. The main disadvantages are the amount of additional work that can be required from either the students or the instructor, the danger that students may be so focussed on their notes that they forget to participate, and the tendency it has to make students rely on these corrections instead of being fully responsible for their own notes. For this last reason, this technique shouldn’t be used with advanced learners.

Link to my video:

Isabelle’s Digital Project

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